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Global Brand Distributing plan:

OKELI Lighting has 22 years OEM&ODM experience in commercial lighting. We have abundant knowledge and experience in lighting area,our company has solid strength in the lighting industry . With the high growth potential and low market penetration of the emerging home smart lighting market, OKELI brand hopes to recruit global distributors to better meet the needs of local market customers and help global clients rapidly increase their market share in smart lighting. The following is our plan content:


Store design

OKELI's professional design team provides a complete and comprehensive 80 square or 120 square store design plan, covering our image wall design, service desk design, showcase design and smart exhibition halls design.


Products set


Product Category



Product Series

Downlight, Spotlight, Track light, Panel light,Wall light, Pendant light etc.


Bollard light, Wall light, Step light, In-ground light,Post light etc.


Product packaging

Brand custom packaging

Brand custom packaging


Best distributor wholesale price

Best distributor wholesale price


50 styles

30 styles

Promotional materials

picture, video, poster

picture, video, poster

Certification file



Test Report

Integrating sphere test report, IES file, IP Rating Report

Integrating sphere test report, IES file,IP Rating Report

Smart lighting system




Five years

Five years


Channel support

Offline: Existing distributors in the market and assigns customers to distributors.

Online: Using the website and social media to help distributors promote and develop customers.


Store building service

Overall customization

Provide store image design and decoration materials.

Store opening sample

Provide 100 sets of half-price samples before opening.

Operation guidance

Guide store operations, reduce operational risks.

OKELI system service

Website online customer service and ERP order system support


Sales support

Special training for order sales, marketing strategies etc.

Product catalogs, promotional posters, application project photos, display cabinets, display racks etc.

Incentives and support policies such as rebates based on regional sales volume, two promotional activities per year, and Supporting returns and exchanges for overstocked inventory.


After sale support

Five-year warranty.

Free maintenance, replacement of quality products.

Send products with quality problems once a year.


Global Brand Distribution Partner Benefits


As an authorized partner of OKELI, you will have priority to enjoy the high-quality services and professional team during the entire business development process.

Our project is dedicated to consulting you to build a professional OKELIbrand store with residential and outdoor lighting, and real lighting experience effects from residential to garden.

Enjoy the company's professional consultants, understand the market dynamics at the first time, receive our updated products, and quickly increase the market share of smart lighting.



Why Choose Us


Group resource support

Neworb Group is an international enterprise group that provides lighting manufacturing, import/export, and investment services. They have been serving numerous customers since 2000 and recently commemorated Neworb Group's 18th anniversary with nearly a hundred customers from different parts of the world. OKELI Brand is one of their key brands, which has amassed group resources for 23 years to enhance relationships with distributors.


Supply chain advantages

We prioritize quality and affordability, offering high product value with low costs and risks. With 23 years of accumulated supplier resources and a strong ability to innovate, our customers can save up to 30% on each project.


Focus on smart product

We specialize in home lighting products that align with the minimalist, smart, and environmentally-friendly trends in the lighting industry, with great potential for development for 14 years.


One-on-one project supports

OKELI provides customized services for project contracts.

We offer one-on-one project tracking and full support to ensure exceptional service.

Each project is assigned one consultant to ensure timely execution.


Online marketing resource

Our company's marketing strategy integrates online and offline channels, prioritizing customer development and store conversion with a mature overseas network, professional online promotion capabilities, and market data analysis.











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